Increased altitude for exercises

Increased altitude for exercises

Nr. máls: 15-089-F-026
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Farðu í skýrslu 28.11.2019

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Increase the minimum altitude for exercises that can lead to a spin to 5000 feet (AGL).


The Operating Manual has been updated as follows:

3.2.6 Minimum Safe Altitude
􀁸 For VFR, refer to the AIP ICELAND ENR 1.1
􀁸 For IFR, refer to the AIP ICELAND ENR 1.3; or
􀁸 Ref. also minimum safe altitudes on VFR chart available on Isavia’s website
􀁸 All flight training practices on Technam A/C, which are subject to g-loads, minimum speed, stalls, spin entry and incipient spins (including BASIC UPRT and ADVANCED UPRT), are mandatory to have at least 5000 feet AGL clearance before entering into such flight training practice. For other a/c the minimum AGL clearance for the same exercises shall be at least 3000 feet AGL and 5000 feet AGL for ADVANCED UPRT training items. 
􀁸 All loss of power on single engine or loss of power on multi engine practices, are subject to have minimum 500 feet AGL clearance before attempting or terminating such flight training practice.