Re-evaluation of CRM training

Re-evaluation of CRM training

Nr. máls: M-01513/AIG-11
Staða máls: Lokuð
Farðu í skýrslu 12.06.2017

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It is recommended to the operator to re-evaluate its CRM training.


Since the time of the Accident the company taken a number of measures to analyse, identify risks and mitigate. Effort has been made to keep ICETRA and RNSA abreast of all findings and changes resulting thereof. A number of changes include reconsideration of CRM/Human Factors elements in traininig and the operation as a whole. Changes include, but are not limited to:

  • Company’s Emergency Response plan has been revised and published.
  • A new, yonger model aircraft was purchased, financed and registered. TF-MYA. A factor in the descision was the superior avionics package, including traffic advisory system and terrain awareness functions.
  • The company discarted the practice of conducting every other recurrent training in actual aircraft and in stead opted to conduct all recurrent training in full flight simulators.
  • Normal operating procedures where completely rewritten and operational philosophy redefined to include industry best practices. Outside consultation was sought and used in this process to ensure a broader perspective.
  • Normal checklist system revised based on new operational philosophy and new checklists published.
  • Stricter emphasis placed on procedural adherence and standardization in all training. This effort is ongoing.
  • Effort launched to reiterate that individuality in procedural adherence is not acceptable by management. This effort is ongoing.
  • Training has and will continue to include material aimed at enforcing the relationship between flight standardization, professionalism and safety.
  • IFR/VFR policy has been rewritten and published to make clear under what conditions visual flying is allowed. New policy reviewed in training.