TQL operation under failed engine condition

TQL operation under failed engine condition

Nr. máls: M-01313/AIG-09
Staða máls: Lokuð
Farðu í skýrslu 23.03.2016

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Clarify the AFM procedures to require both TQLs to be operated in cases where a failed engine has not been identified and secured.


SCAC clarify that the AFM approved by lAC AR and EASA for RRJ-95 aircraft contains all the instructions related to the engine thrust setting and also to the activation of the go-around function in accordance with the Certification Basis (CB) para. 25.125; 15.121 and 25.119 requirements. Both TQL's go-around position setting instructions are in the part of the Standard Operational Procedures (SOP) which are described in the Flight Crew Operating Manual (FCOM).